Lawlessness In Pakistan


Lawlessness In Pakistan

Lawlessness In Pakistan

Lawlessness may be a major problem in most backward and developing countries. It indicates our moral, social and spiritual downfall. it's a matter of great shame that in spite of becoming a atomic energy, we are far behind other nations within the way of character and faith. There are many factors which are liable for lawlessness. Illiteracy, poverty and false ideas of society are the key reason behind this social evil. However , an in depth  analysis reveals that craze for wealth and power is that this base of all reasonably lawlessness. People became greedy and selfish . they are doing not know the virtues of affection, sympathy and sacrifice.

Lawlessness has become one in every of the foremost important problem of all the planet especially of the aggregation countries like Pakistan. it's stuffed with danger of evil impacts. It destabilizes and demoralizes nation and provides birth to depression and frustration within the society and static. It creates and spread of feelings of uncertainty , instability and insecurity among the masses. If it creeps in society, it eats into its vitals and shortly roots out inner strength. It destroys its outer spender, economic over the planet. Lawlessness becomes order of the day thanks to poverty, lawlessness, violence, indiscipline’s, moral and economic fabric of nation are collapsed.

Lawlessness is extremely dangerous and devastating for country like Pakistan that features a weak economy and political instability. If the evil of lawlessness isn't nipped within the bud it's going to spread sort of a bush fire and engulf the entire nation or region like and epidemic. Lawlessness badly shatters people’s faith in institution and supremacy of the constitution. It deprives masses from mental, physical, spiritual, moral and economic health, It also paves way for bloody revulsion and military take-overs.

The main reason for lawlessness are illiteracy, poverty, economic policies of presidency and man’s burning desire to become rich and bigwig over night. Lawlessness creates economic pressure, social and economic injustice. Feudalism, capitalism and uneven distribution of wealth and opportunities, non-availability of basic necessities and fundamental right also spread.

Non-availability of education, health care and jobs also paves the spread lawlessness . External factor like agencies of neighboring states like India also play vital role in spreading lawlessness. In Pakistan so as to destabilize it.

In the end way cay stat our officers additionally because the scholar, educationist, political parties, NGOs and national mass media should take necessary steps to eradicated this wicked problem for the most effective national and human interest. Only then we will raise our heads as free dignified nation.

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